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Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Outstanding Indoor Office Plants

When it comes to office plants an array of choices are available to us. There are, however, a few perennial favourites, exceptional for their unique temperaments, which are sure to satisfy.

Cutting Indoor Plants is Unlikely to Save Money

With many organisations having to cope with new operational challenges, management teams are under increasing pressure to improve income streams and to reduce expenditure.

A Potted History of Indoor Plants

Plants have captivated man from time immemorial. Some of the earliest known records of indoor plants come from the artwork of ancient Egypt which depicts houseplants in urns and troughs.

Added Credibility for Using Indoor Plants

For many, it is a no brainer that using indoor plants have obvious benefits to the indoor environment. From the physically measurable, like the health benefits from plants cleaning the air we breathe or their usefulness in being able to act as an effective and aesthetic sound barrier in open plan offices, to the less tangible benefits of promoting well-being from an aesthetic and psychological point of view.