Indoor Plants Specialists

Indoor plants are a good investment for any company. The psychological benefits of indoor plants, whether large indoor plants or a small flowerpot in the corner, cannot be underestimated. Plants improve the ambiance of an office, as well as making the space seem fresher and more open. Often an office space can feel cramped and overheated with several people working together – indoor plants go a long way to alleviating this problem.

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Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

It is obvious to anyone willing to look that indoor plants play a big part in our everyday lives. The true impact of indoor plants goes far beyond aesthetics, providing benefits to health, well being, productivity and financial savings.

Flower Rental 1

Artificial Flowers

Silk Flower Rentals in stylish vases add visual appeal and colour to your offices. Playful, elegant, sophisticated or pretty... choose from a variety of silk arrangements for your focal areas.

Desk Plants

Desk Plants

Whatever your budget, we have the perfect range of desk plants and pots for you. Our tailor-made options allow you the freedom of choice to create the perfect décor for your space.

Green Walls 1

Green Walls

From improving air quality to boosting employee morale, the benefits of green walls are numerous. Green walls in corporate offices is not only a hot topic now, it will be for some time to come and has already been on the lips of forward thinkers for ages.

Art Rental 1

Art Rentals

We offer the complete range of art consulting services from strategy and planning, to procurement and installation. On confirmation of your selection of artwork, we frame and install.

Wall Planters scaled 1

Wall Planters

Ensure employees and visitors are consistently met by a striking green and lush sight. Wall planters are an exciting way of installing foliage that’s growing in popularity because they can go almost anywhere.

Pots for Plants 1

Pots for Plants

Our comprehensive range of pots are sourced both locally and internationally. One of our key business values is "We are eco-friendly and tread lightly on our planet". In line with this we have both biodegradable and recyclable pots.

Big Stuff 1

Big Stuff

We own the tallest commercial greenhouse in Southern Africa, boasting a height of ten meters, home to our select range of large pre-acclimatised plant material used for our interior plantscaping.

Short Term Hire

Short Term Event Rentals

Use plants in pots to create a look on your exhibition stand that perfectly reflects your brand. Hip and happening, or cool and classical…. choose from pots in colours and styles to match your brand identity.